Wishes from near and dear ones

Padmakhyam Padmanabham Bhaktajanapriyam Padmakaram Sudaram
Padmajyasyankavarti Tribhuvannah Bibhuti Pitah Kauseya Basam
Parnangasanah Bhusanah Suruchiram Pitambarah Madhavam
Patuba Parameswarh Narahari Padmanya Purnah Bhajet. Late Shri Basudeb Rath
Great Grandfather (Taken from his poems)
Dear Zeta, Bratopanayana is a very important stage where you are now moving into the phase of acquiring knowledge, wisdom and being a wise man.
We wish you the very best for this important milestone in life. Saji Uncle, Bindu Aunty, Nandan and Nikhil
May blessings shower on you,
May the best of 'happiness' always be with you,
These are my only wishes for you, my brother,
May you and your smile always be together. Eena Nani