Minecraft Is A Sandbox Game

A sandbox game is a game in which we have control of some items which we can use to make things. Minecraft gives us all natural items present on Earth in the form of blocks. It even has its own type of mechanics called Redstone. We get Redstone underground. Minecraft has two main modes which are survival mode and creative mode. And 20min of the real world is the same as 1 day in Minecraft world.

Creative mode is a mode in which we are given access to all the blocks, we can use the block without collecting and can use as many blocks you want. It allows you to fly. You can break any blocks without the tools instantly and any aggressive mobs(monster) will not attack you.

Survival mode is a mode in which we have to gather materials survive like you are the 1st human in the world. We can’t fly and have to make tools to easily break blocks. We will be attacked by aggressive mode. It has 2 other modes within itself which are adventure mode and spectator mode. In adventure mode, we can make a story and we can’t break blocks that are restricted by the creator and in spectator mode, we can’t break blocks and can’t hold any item but we can fly and see the area.

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