The Old Man and the Sea By Ernest Hemingway

‘The Old Man and the Sea’ is about the epic struggle mage by an old fisherman named Santiago. He was an aged Cuban fisherman who went to the sea to catch fish but returned empty-handed even after 84 days. Parents of the young boy who served in Santiago’s boat, forced to leave him, and fish in a more prosperous boat. The young boy’s name was Maroline. He cared for the old man, and go with Santiago for fishing again. Santiago wanted to catch a giant fish so he left the boy, and went fishing. After several days he caught a giant fish but the luck was not with him, and the sharks attacked it. Santiago tried to defend it but at night a herd of sharks ate the whole fish.

The story ended in a rather difficult climax, and the author used his superb narration to keep the readers engaged throughout.

The novel ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ was written in 1951 and was published in 1952. This book is Ernest Hemingway’s final work published in his lifetime. This book was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1953. This book was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954.

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