Do You Know What Are Pokémons?

Do you know what are Pokémons? Pokémons are creatures who have special and they can be captured by special balls called pokéballs. Pokémons are made up of two words which are pocket monsters. There are 722 Pokémons in total. It started in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri.

Pokemon games were first played with Gameboy consoles like Gameboy advance. It was a hit and was the most popular Gameboy consoler’s game. At that time Gameboy consoles were very popular. The games were developed by Gamefreak and published by Nintendo. The Pokemon company even made Super Smash Bros, which is very famous.

There are pokémon trading cards. They have Pokémon anime in which there is a guy called Ash who is from a town called Pallet. He got his first pokémon which was Pikachu from Prof. Oak who is a famous pokémon researcher.

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