Trip to Hyderabad

Day 1:
I went to the Birla Science Museum and saw optical illusions, rockets, satellites, other machines and things of dinosaur-like bones, eggs and captions about dinosaurs. I couldn’t go to Birla Planetarium. I bought a magic set and I got scratch ‘n’ spray free with it. I took a round of Hussain Sagar lake. Mama and Bou went to Birla temple. While Mama and Bou were in the temple, I was eating sugar in the car.

Day 2:
I went to Ramoji Film City. When we bought the ticket, we got a ticket as well as stickers which should be stuck in the shirt. I saw replicas of the Statue of Liberty, Sun Fountain etc. I played in the game zone. I played U.F.O. bowling in the game zone. I ate lunch in Chanakya. I bought a magic shirt for me and I bought an Angry Birds toy for Iku. I saw the world’s biggest Ostrich. In Ramoji Film City, I took a tour of the films set by a bus. Then I went to the Snow World. Bou didn’t go to Snow World because of cold. When Mama and I went to the Snow World, they gave us a coat, boots, socks and gloves. I went down four times and one ride in Snow World.

Day 3:
I went to Golconda Fort. It was very hard to climb. I saw Hyderabad from a great height. Then I saw Charminar and took pictures from the camera. We didn’t go inside Hussain Sagar by boat because of the dirty water in the lake. Mama bought pearls from a shop. Then I went to Lumbini Park. It was amazing. I couldn’t go to Nehru Zoological Park as it was too late in the day.

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